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Our Products

Elastomeric foam tape, None
Elastomeric foam tape

A convenient and easy-to-use product which complements the K-Flex USA family of tubing and sheet insulation products. It is a specially designed flexible, elastomeric insulation product.

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Insul-Sheet, None
Insul-Sheet is a flexible elastomeric type of thermal insulation, environment friendly without CFC. It is used to retard heat gain and prevent condensation of frost formation on refrigerant lines, cold water plumbing, and chilled water systems. Available in sheets or rolls.

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Flexible Thermic Insulation, None
Flexible Thermic Insulation

SOFTOUCH duct wraps are made of glass fibers bonded together with a thermosetting resin. They are available with or without facing in a variety of densities. SOFTOUCH can be cut with any ordinary knife and fastened mechanically or with adhesives.

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Cerablanket, None

Ceramic fiber blanket, very high tensile strength-exceptionnally long, flexible filaments, thoroughly, uniformly intertwined. Temperature up to 2600ºF (1425°C). 

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ENERWRAP® MA 960, None

The ENERWRAP® MA 960  product is a flexible faced industrial blanket mineral wool insulation that is lightweight, water repellent, fire resistant and sound absorbent ENERWRAP® MA 960  is used to insulate surfaces such as pipes, vessels, boilers, furnaces, structural members and irregularly shaped mechanical equipment.

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