Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or a major contractor, Dispro offers a wide range of products for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration markets. Whether you are looking for acoustical or thermal insulation, all sorts of tapes, jacketing, adhesives, coatings or hardware, you will find everything you need with a personalized service and competitive prices.

Product Categories

Acoustical insulation »

Several materials are used for acoustical insulation: fiberglass, synthetic, elastomer. In any product, a good acoustical insulation will reduce the sound ...

Thermal insulation »

Several materials are used for thermal insulation: fiberglass, rock fiber, synthetic, elastomer. A good thermal insulation is essential for safe energy ...

Adhesives »

Dispro offers a wide variety of adhesives for all types of insulation and applications needs.

Fire protection »

Please consult our Fire protection section.