Our Mission

Dispro’s mission aims to meet, even exceed the needs of its customers. Our team of experts are committed to offering effective solutions, innovative products and excellent service.


Dispro Inc. only supplies products that meet NBC's standards (National Building Code) and all applicable local and regional code standards.


Our experienced and highly qualified staff
Reliable Supplier Network
Superior quality products
Diversified fabrication services
Competitive pricing
Extensive delivery capabilities
IT Management system
Our  ISO 9001 Quality Management System
Our values

We treat our customers, our employees and our suppliers with respect and fairness. We are committed to retaining their trust

Customer Satisfaction

All our efforts are focused on giving our customers a superior service, offer them solutions that exceed their expectations and to respect our commitments

Continuous Improvement

We seek continuous improvement of our business methods & processes to offer competitive and effective solutions to our customers

Expert Knowledge

We depend on the expertise and the commitment of our employees and partners being recognized by our customers as a key resource in our target markets.